Horizontal Mixer

It is used in mixing,drying,colouring and other processing. It is the most ideal equipment for producing shaped plastic material and plastics pipes.

Product Details

Horizontal Mixer

Uses and Features

1. It is used in mixing,drying,colouring and other processing. It is the most ideal equipment for producing shaped plastic material and plastics pipes.

2. The technology of the main shaft sealed apparatus has got the state patent with No.ZLP62430641 and it has two functions of electric and steam heating.

3. Two layers of sealing technology is adopted in the pot cover. The opening of the heating mixed cover adopted the air opening device and the opening of the cooling mixed cover adopted hydraulic pressure control system.

4. The electric control section with the programmable logic control adopted well-known imported meters and control components.

5. It is equipped with the pulse dust-cleaning recovery device.
6. The blades have been passed the test of the dynamic and static balance testing machine.

7. you may choose the simple and easy feeding system.


Horizontal Mixer Main Technical Parameters:



effective capacity(L)

paddle speed(rpm)

motor&heating power(kw)

Gas consumption

Discharge method


mixing time m/pot














The specific mixing time depends on different process, formula and raw materials.































Plastic mixer

Plastic mixer is also a kind of plastic machinery. SRL series mixer is mainly used for mixing and coloring of polyvinyl chloride resin, coloring and drying of polyethylene and polybine particles, drying of hygroscopic resin such as ABS and polycarbonate resin before moulding, and mixing of phenolic resin. It is one of the necessary equipments for plastic processing plants, and has a wide range of applications in rubber, pharmaceutical, dyestuff and other industries.

Components: pot body, pot cover, transmission parts

Excellent: Easy to operate, easy to clean and durable

Use: Production of various plastics industries

Because of its advantages of fast mixing, uniform mixing, good absorption of plasticizer by resin, simple operation, easy cleaning, durability and compact structure, it has been widely used in the production of various plastics industries.

Structure: It is composed of pot body, pot cover, transmission parts, base, outlet, etc. The body of the pot is welded by stainless steel. The inner surface of the pot is very smooth and hard. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and non-sticking. There are heating jackets and resistance heating rings on the outside surface of the pot. The temperature is transmitted directly to the pot body through the high burning point mechanical oil in the heating jacket, so that the pot body is heated uniformly. The temperature of the material in the pot can be controlled by adjusting the heating temperature. The jacket is covered with an asbestos insulation layer.

The pot cover is made of aluminium alloy. After finishing and polishing, the inner surface can rotate 70 degrees clockwise horizontally along the vertical axis of rotation, but the rotation should not be too hard to prevent the pot wall from being damaged. The cover is provided with holes with resin, plasticizer and stabilizer. The user can arrange the holes according to his own needs, and the center is a breathing hole. In order to prevent personal accidents caused by the rotation of stirring paddle when the pot cover is not covered, a safety limit switch is installed on the pot body. When the pot cover is not tightly covered, the switch is not connected and the motor can not start.

The diversion plate is used to enhance the mixing effect, and its diversion angle can be adjusted freely. The board is equipped with a thermocouple for measuring temperature, which is also used to control the automatic discharge of the outlet.

The agitator of the mixer is driven by a motor which is driven by a percutaneous belt. The motor is an AC two-speed motor. It can be operated by pressing the start button. The spindle is supported by 312 and 314 bearings. There are three stirring paddles on the upper part of the main shaft. They run clockwise, making the material move along the wall of the pot on the one hand, and turn up and down at the same time.  With the function of a guide plate, the mixing effect is better. Because the material is moving at a high speed, the friction heat between the particles and the propeller is very large, which makes the material temperature rise rapidly. It not only reduces the heating amount of the pot wall correspondingly, but also benefits the absorption effect of the resin on the plasticizer. Stirring paddle is made of stainless steel, and after careful mechanical processing, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant.

The base is cast iron with four suspension rings on it. The belt and two pulleys are in the base. The belt can be replaced by opening the plates on both sides. There are four anchor bolt holes in the lower part of the seat.

The discharging port is made of high quality iron plate and is equipped with a manual discharging door, which is reliable in pressing, good in sealing and flexible in opening and closing. The unloading mode can control the opening and closing of the unloading door manually.

Installation, Use and Maintenance

Installation: Mixer and electronic control box are respectively installed on cement foundation or solid steel frame foundation, fixed with four anchor bolts. Resistance heating coil is used for heating the mixer, and the high burning point mechanical oil in the heating jacket is evenly transferred to the pot body. The power line is connected through the underground protective pipe. It is very convenient to hoist the machine with four hoisting rings. The installation dimensions and fixed bolts are shown in the installation foundation map.

Use and Maintenance: Before the test run of the machine, it is necessary to carefully check whether the connected power supply is in accordance with the requirements of the machine. All parts are fully installed. Check the connection circuit according to the circuit diagram and there is no error. All lubrication points shall be filled with specified lubricating oil (grease) to wipe off rust-proof oil everywhere in the machine. Mixer should start from no-load start, then carry out load test, and check whether the pneumatic part is normal, unloading door is suitable for opening and closing. After the test run, it will be put into production and use. Once the machine is in use, if it is not used for a short time, the inner wall of the pot and the agitator should be carefully wiped. When not in use for a long time, antirust oil should be applied.

Requirements for each lubrication point:

The mixer spindle is lubricated with No. 2 sodium base grease (GB492-65), refueling once a day.

The whole machine should be repaired once in half a year. Seals should be replaced everywhere. Circuits and components of electrical appliances should be checked.


1. When electric heating is used at the upper interface, the screw hole should not be blocked to facilitate ventilation.

2. The machine is not allowed to start with load. Start at low speed and no load, then feed the machine.

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