PVC Compound Machine

The feeding part adopts stainless steel screw feeder, vacuum feeder and pipe chain conveyor according to the material requirement.

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PVC Compound Machine

Nowadays, most of the PVC product factories use manual weighing of various raw materials and accessories, which is feasible in small factory, but uneconomical characteristics of large factory, such as when the mixing amount of raw materials exceeds 1000 kg per hour,

1. it need a large number of workers, the soaring wages of workers, the importance of physical health, and so on, caused the rapid rise in labor costs.

2. Because of the emotional personnel, long time working in a dull and tasteless environment inevitably lead to improper weighing and mismatching problems, resulting in significant losses.

Therefore, the application of automatic weighing and batching, mixing and conveying system is very necessary. This system is suitable for large-scale production, and has obvious economic benefits for factories with output exceeding 1000 kg/h.

1. The main systems include: weighing device for main material feeding, weighing device for minor auxiliary material feeding, liquid material feeding, mixing unit and conveying system.

2. The long-time continuous feeding operation can be realized by using the combined control of PLC and micro-computer.

3. Using imported weighing sensor

4. The feeding part adopts stainless steel screw feeder, vacuum feeder and pipe chain conveyor according to the material requirement.


Our company's advantages:

1. We focus on the treatment system of powder materials. It is our strong point to grasp the characteristics of materials and to have a comprehensive understanding of the material processing treatment. We are good at solving the problems existing in the process of conveying, storing, weighing, mixing and sieving materials, providing the best solution and overall project planning, and eventually building a turnkey project according to the customer requirement.

2. We not only design the system, but also manufacture important parts to ensure product quality and reduce the maintenance cost of the system for users. Such as: conveying: feeding rotary valve, direct-blown rotary valve, rotor reversing valve, flange valve, electronic scale, super-large mixing unit, pipe chain conveyor, vacuum feeder, screw feeder, vibration screen.

pvc compound machine flow chart:


Maintenance of Mixer

In the mixer, the speed of the impeller is not high and the workload is not large, so there are few faults in the normal work. Peacetime work maintenance should pay attention to the following matters.

(1) It is necessary to carry out the operation rules of the equipment conscientiously, which is the best maintenance for the equipment.

(2) Pay attention to the mixing of feeding after the normal start-up of the equipment, feeding should be slowly added according to the order required.

(3) Prepare rubber rings, V-belts and rolling bearings for sealing rings, coupling. These parts are easy to break down and should be replaced in time when necessary.

(4) Check whether the fasteners are loose regularly in the first quarter; check the tightness of the V-belt installation; and clean the dirt and dust in all parts of the equipment.

Maintenance of the mixer can generally be carried out once a year.  Making use of holidays and holidays mainly includes the following work contents.

The clearance between the stirring paddle, scraper and the wall of the mixing chamber should meet the requirements of the table below.

Table: Clearance between mixer impeller and mixing chamber wall

Volume/L     < 35      100-500     800-1500      2000-4000

Gap/mm     0.2-1.5     0.4-3.0      0.6-4.0         0.8-6.0

(5) Remove the rolling bearings, clean and inspect the tendons, and replace the worn parts. Replace grease and seal ring.

(6) Check whether there is bending or wearing phenomenon in the main drive shaft of the tendon.

(7) Check the cylinder for cleaning, replace the vulnerable parts of the sealing ring and guide sleeve, and check whether there is bending deformation and wear of the rod.

(8)Record the main parts after inspection, survey and mapping when necessary, prepare parts and accessories, and propose the next repair and replacement plan time.

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