EPS Pelletizing Machine

Plastic pelletizer style: water-ring cutting with extrusion mould, even cutting ensures good shape.

Product Details

EPS Pelletizing Machine Description:

The EPS Pelletizing Machine is composed by feeder, extruder, screen changer.

Water ring cutting system, fan delivery and control system.

Material: EPS ingot, EPS cold compacted block.

Capacity: 200-400kg/h.

EPS Pelletizing Machine Main Advantages:

1. Equipped with the vertical and horizontal feeder device to ensure high output.

2. Vent design on the barrel to evaporate the volatilefrom the recycledmaterial.

3. Hydraulic screen change unit and pressure gauge for easy operation and safety.

4. Water chamber with die face cutter to simplify the process.

5. The vertical centrifuge separates and dry the pellets faster.

6. High-efficient scattering-feeder ensures high capacity feeding, low energy consumption.

7. Plastic pelletizer style: water-ring cutting with extrusion mould, even cutting ensures good shape.

Here is EPS Pelletizing Machine Drawing:


EPS Pelletizing Machine Main Technical Parameters:


Equipment Name

Motor Power(kw)

Electric Elements

Total Power Consumption


Required Workers


belt conveyor


ABB inverter, Siemens, Schneider





metal detector


force feeder



single screw extruder



hydraulic screen changer



water-ring/noodle pelletizer(optional)



dewatering machine



vibrating sieve






storage silo


packaging and weighing system(optional)

Development Prospect of EPS Pelletizing Machine

From the current market situation, the development prospects of EPS Pelletizing Machine is still a bright, the market trend is excellent, China’s plastic products production, consumption ranks first in the world, per capita consumption of plastic about three kilograms (developed countries per capita Annual consumption of eight kilograms), white pollution ranks fourth in the world. As long as someone’s place, there will be plastic waste. To waste plastic products as raw materials processed from the market tightly recycled particles, to achieve a virtuous circle of resource use, far-reaching significance. Plastic bags, plastic bags, barrels, barrels, toys, sandals, vehicle bumper, household appliances, etc., are the raw material source of renewable particles, endless, water, plastic bags, food bags, woven bags, beverage bottles, plastic pots, Not exhausted. Foam plastic with light weight, strong, shock absorption, low moisture absorption, easy to shape and good water resistance, insulation, low price is the production equipment, cold storage and central air conditioning, insulation and sound insulation of the ideal material, but also all kinds of machinery, Electrical appliances, electronic instruments, glass equipment, ceramic products, craft products such as shock, moisture-proof ideal packaging, or aquatic products fresh packaging and so on all use of foam products, the other foam with renewable particles produced foam sheet, is the construction of the ideal insulation Insulation materials.
For a long time, the recycling problem of waste foam has been much attention both inside and outside the industry. The huge quantity of plastic waste seriously restricts the ecological environment of our country. Recycling of foam waste is not only because the recycling of waste foam can play a corresponding role in the governance of the environment, and seemingly bland waste foam, through recycling can also bring considerable profits for the enterprise. 
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