PE/PP Film Recycling and Granulation Line

PE/PP Film Recycling and Granulation Line

The material is sent to the compactor cutter through the conveyor belt, and fed into the single screw extruder by high speed rotation of the compactor cutter;

Product Details

PE/PP Film Recycling and Granulation Line Description:

Three stage PE PP water-ring pelletizing line(compacting) adopts European design and advanced technology. It is mainly used for clean PE PP films, scraps and crushed, washed, dried HDPE/LDPE/PP materials. The material is sent to the compactor cutter through the conveyor belt, and fed into the single screw extruder by high speed rotation of the compactor cutter;

The screw is specially designed for cutting and compacting plastics. It has the advantages of fast feeding, wear resistance, etc., with natural exhaust and vacuum system; It can effectively remove the moisture inside the material; this extruder uses ceramic heating ring, durable and easy to maintain.

Compactor cutter can effectively dry materials, agglomerate, friction self-heating, high-speed forced feed into the screw after the material reaches a certain temperature, improve the output and reduce the heating of the screw to the plastic, accelerate the plasticization process; effective Energy savings;

Hydraulic screen changer is installed on the extruder die-head to effectively remove the impurities in the material; different quality of the finished product can be produced through the use of different mesh filters;

The special design of the extruder head part can effectively remove the hidden moisture inside the material and improve the granulation quality;

It can also be equipped with three stage granulation system, using three extruders to pass the material through secondary filtration, making the produced particles cleaner and higher quality;

It also can be equipped with a vibrating screen to sort out unqualified products; making the product particle size uniform and nice looking. The follow-up pelleting type can choose to strand/noodle pelletizer, or die face cutting (water ring pelletizer) to save labor and reduce waste;

The production line can be specially designed according to the cleanness of the customer’s raw material and the quality requirement of the final product;

PE/PP Film Recycling and Granulation Line Main Machine Advantages:

This plastic pelletizer line is ideal equipment for recycled pe pp plastics, pe, pp films, pe pp flakes, pe pp sheets, pe pp lumps. This plastic granulator line is composed of screw feeder, special design compactor cutter, single screw extruders, hydraulic screen changer, die-head, dewatering machine/fan dryer, vibration screen(optional), storage silo and packing&weighting system(optional).
1. High efficient compactor cutter ensures high capacity feeding, low energy consumption, steady operation, low noise.
2. Single screw extruder, equipped with specially designed screw&barrel, venting system, high production output.
3. Plastic pelletizer style: water-ring cutting with extrusion mould, noodle cutting ensures good shape.
4. Auxiliary machine: pellets cooling&classifying; packing&weighing.

PE/PP Film Recycling and Granulation Line Main Machine Features:

1. Highly automatic, user-friendly control, high efficient, environmental protection and energy saving.
2. Different pelletizing methods, such as cold strand, water-ring, for various raw materials and production requirements.
3. Multi-stations screen changer and automatic screen changing design can reduce manual labor and improve operation convenience.
4. Single, double and three stage, multi-exhaust and filtering system ensure high quality end products.
5. Suitable for diverse materials processing, also can specially design the machine for one material or different materials, which can reduce customer’s investment cost.

Lianguan Recycling Company provides customers with various options, such as different L/D ratios, multiple exhaust screw structures, single&double and three stage extruders, different kinds of pelletizers, as well as 100-800kg/h line output can be provided at present.

Here is PE/PP Film Recycling and Granulation Line Drawing:


Main Technical Parameters:


Equipment Name

Motor Power(kw)

Electric Elements

Total Power Consumption


Required Workers


belt conveyor


ABB inverter, Siemens, Schneider





metal detector


compactor cutter



first stage extruder 1#



second stage extruder 2#



dirts discharging screen changer



third stage extruder 3#



hydraulic screen changer



water-ring/noodle   pelletizer(optional)



dewatering machine



vibrating sieve






storage silo


packaging and weighing system(optional)

The Selection of Waste Plastic Granulation Line

Waste plastics are usually made of single screw extruder or twin screw extruder. We put the pieces of plastics into the extruder, and then we granulate them by plasticizing, filtering, mixing, exhausting.
The granulator is made up of extrusion system, transmission system and heating&cooling system. The extrusion system consists of screw, barrel, hopper, head and die, The waste plastics are plasticized into a uniform melt through the extrusion system, and under pressure in this process, the screw is continuously extruded to the head of the machine. After the material is melted in the cylinder, the material can be extruded by filtration. The filter device is the filter or filter net. Some filter devices can guarantee the continuous production without stopping, and the filtered material flows to the extruder head to cutting granules.

Common cutting method: water-ring pelletizing, noodle pelletizing
The water-ring pelletizer is suitable for granulation of PE, PP, PS, PVC and other materials, It is composed of water-ring granulation machine head, warm water circulation system, separation system, screening system and so onwater-ring cutting into uniform particles beautiful shape, not easy adhesion, high output, its impermeability, pellet quality is good
Noodle pelletizer is suitable for thermoplastic and engineering plastics, and the resulting particle shapes are generally cylindrical or waist drumIts equipment structure is simple, low power consumption, convenient operation and maintenance, the particle does not need to be dried, Its disadvantage is that there may be adhesion between particles, and the melt flow rate should not be too fast, so the output is relatively low; The main disadvantage is that the power consumption is large and the tool wear is serious.
The noise generated during equipment operation, the amount of dust and the size of odor are also the necessary conditions for waste plastic granulating machine purchase.


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