PP Raffia Bag Strand Cutting Granulating Machine

A specialized single-screw extruder applied to gently melt the pre-compacted material. The plastic scraps will be well melted, plasticized in the extruder.

Product Details

PP Raffia Bag Strand Cutting Granulating Machine

LIANGUAN high efficiency, one-step plastic recycling machine is designed for the reprocessing of PE polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE), PP polypropylene flexible packaging material (BOPP, OPP), PET film, printed and non-printed, and foamed material such as EPE EPP EPS, also filament, raffia, nylon, etc. This compactor integrated pelletizing system eliminates the need of pre-cutting the material, requires less space and energy consumption while producing high quality plastic pellets at a productive rate.

PP Raffia Bag Strand Cutting Granulating Machine Main features:

1) Simple design, user-friendly operation.

2) Siemens original motors, ABB/Schneider converts.

3) Siemens PLC, Omron Temperature controllers, DELIXI air switch.

4) Lower investment cost for a high quality and durable machine.

5) Low energy consumption, High output capacity.

6) Engineers are available to do commissioning work abroad.

Detail Description:

1. Belt conveyor

Plastic film, bags, filament, raffia are conveyed by belt conveyor up into the compactor. Hauling roller for feeding rolls of film. Speed adjusted by ABB/Schneider inverter.

Metal detecotor as an option, to detect and notify to remove metals.

2. Compactor Cutter / Agglomerator

The rotatory blades of compactor will cut up incoming scraps. Frictional heating which caused by high speed rotatory blades will heat and let scraps shrinking just below their agglomerating point. Optimal designed guide structure compacts the material and directs it into extruder screw. Crushes, dries and compacts the material which enables a fast and stable feeding from the compactor directly into the extruder.

3. Plasticization (Extruder)

A specialized single-screw extruder applied to gently melt the pre-compacted material. The plastic scraps will be well melted, plasticized in the extruder. With double-zone vacuum degassing system, volatiles such as low molecular and moisture will be removed efficiently, especially suitable for heavy printed film and material with much moisture.

4. Melt filtration

The requirements on the filter technology depend on the characteristics of the input material as well as the planned use of final granules. Regular single-plate/piston double-station screen changer or non-stop double-plate/ piston four-station can be installed on the end of the extruder to present significan

5. Strand pelletizer cutting system

Strand cutting methods are usually adopted. Our company can reach up to 80 discharge holes, greatly increasing the output of noodle pelletizer.

6. Electric control system

Siemens PLC intelligent control system, user-friendly operation.

International famous brands: Siemens, Omron, ABB, Schneider, etc.

Here is PP Raffia Bag Strand Cutting Granulating Machine Drawing:


PP Raffia Bag Strand Cutting Granulating Machine Main technical parameters:


Equipment Name

Motor Power(kw)

Electric Elements

Total Power Consumption


Required Workers


belt conveyor


ABB inverter, Siemens, Schneider





metal detector


compactor cutter



first stage extruder 1#



second stage extruder 2#



dirts discharging screen changer



third stage extruder 3#



hydraulic screen changer



water-ring/noodle  pelletizer(optional)



dewatering machine



vibrating sieve






storage silo


packaging and weighing system(optional)

Recycled Plastic Granulation Machinery

After cleaning and drying, waste plastics should be granulated according to the characteristics of resin and the requirements of forming conditions before forming. The granulation process can be divided into two categories: cold-cut granulation and hot-cut granulation. Generally, different kinds of plastics have different granulation processes, but the same kind of plastics will adopt different granulation processes because of the different molding equipment and processes.

Cold-cut granulation of sheets. Melt is used to introduce sheets (e.g. extruders) from plasticizing equipment. After cooling in the cooling water tank, the dewatering roll is fed into the granulator at a certain speed with the traction roll. The traction speed of the strip is not more than 60-70 m/min, and the number of strips is not more than 40. The size and length of the cross section of the granular material are determined by the traction speed and the feeding speed. The quality of granulation, surface quality, gloss, color and bubbles can be continuously inspected on the wire. The advantages of this process are simple operation, non-cohesion between granules and materials, and the disadvantage is that it needs relatively large space.

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