Two Stage EPS Foam Recycling Extrusion Pelletizing Machine

Two Stage EPS Foam Recycling Extrusion Pelletizing Machine

The special design of the extruder head part can effectively remove the hidden moisture inside the material and improve the granulation quality;

Product Details

Full Automatic EPE/EPS Foam Material Recycling Pelletizing Machine

EPS Foam granulator (automatic foam granulation machine) is also called foam pellet machine. The complete set of equipment is made up of three parts: Foam grinder, foam extruder and granulator. It adopts many mechanical connection designs, the entire production line is operated automatically, and the labor consumption is saved by 2/3. This design has been highly praised by customers. Foam granulation machine is mainly used for the recycling, processing and reuse of all kinds of waste foam and pearl cotton, such as all kinds of electrical packaging foam, waste lunch boxes, foam corner waste and so on. Through the simple processing of foam granulation machine, it can be used as EPS regenerated pellets for two times. This regenerated granule has a very wide range of uses, and the market is in urgent need.


Characteristics of foam granulation machine:

1. new generation of foam granulator adopts technology, design, beautiful appearance, easy to use.

2. the set of foam granulator is complete and can be continuously produced. It is automatic production from raw material crushing, brace and cutting into granules.

3. the whole set of foam granulator has the advantages of small footprint, less power consumption, high quality of finished products and wide application range.

4. Separate distribution system is adopted to ensure the safe operation of the motor.

5. Make full use of high-pressure friction heating system, automatic heating production, avoid heating system continuous heating, more energy-saving and power-saving.

6. The screw and outlet are made of imported high strength carbon structural lead steel, which is durable and not easy to deform.


Foam granulation machine operation method:

1. There are two heating rings on the upper and lower screws of the foam granulator. Each heating ring has a switch on it, which can be opened and closed according to the temperature needed in the process.

2, when the foam granulation machine works, first heat the upper and lower cylinder for 20 to 40 minutes, then put a piece of foam on the machine head and press it lightly. If the foam can melt softer, it means that the heating of the barrel has reached the working temperature (about 180 degrees), and it can start the machine.

3. first add a small amount of foam to the hopper. If the extruding material has melted, a large amount of material can be started to work. If the temperature is too high in the work, it can cut off the heating power of the head and continue to work.

4, when the foam granulation machine works, the lower screw head can add one or two layers of 20-80 mesh filter mesh or other suitable number of filter nets (the higher the filter mesh number is, the cleaner the impurity is), the filter screen should be prepared for several times. If the injection is not smooth at work, it is necessary to replace the Screen in time. The steel filter can be recycled after being burned to remove impurities.

Here is Full Automatic EPE/EPS Foam Material Recycling Pelletizing Machine Drawing:


Usage: It is suitable for EPS XPS direct recycling granulation and melting compactor block, realizing waste into treasure, recycling and regeneration. It is an ideal choice for environmental protection of Product Factory supermarket and living area.

Features: High-speed compression, rapid melting, exhaust and extrusion filtration, one-time processing can make raw materials directly used.

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