Pet Bottle Washing Line

PET bottle crushing and washing line is independently-developed by our company on the basis of European technology

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Pet Bottle Washing Line Description:

Brief Introduction: LIANGUAN RECYCLING Company is a professional manufacturer for design and production of PET bottle washing line&PET bottle recycling line, which is mainly used to recycle waste plastic PET bottles, PET sheets, PET packaging boxes and other PET materials.

PET bottle recycling line mainly includes pet bottle crusher, pet bottle label remover, sorting table, pet bottle washing floating tank, pet bottle washing dealkalization machine, high speed friction washing machine, steam boiler, dewatering machine, drying system, storage silo, etc.

LIANGUAN RECYCLING Company can design different configurations of pet bottle washing line according to customer final product requirements. At present, the pet washing line can be provided 300kg/h up to 3000 kg/hour.


Usage and Features:

PET bottle crushing and washing line is independently-developed by our company on the basis of European technology. It is divided into pet bottle bale breaker, sorting table, iron remover, pet bottle washing floating tank, steam boiler, pet bottle washing dealkalization machine, high speed friction washing machine, dewatering machine, drying system, cyclone silo and so on. The high quality pet flakes produced from our waste bottle washing line which can be used for PET recycled polyester and other chemical fiber products&other PET related products. Our waste bottle recycling line processing technique is very mature, high automation and output, less investment and manpower, low energy consumption, convenient operation and maintenance. Our pet bottle recycling line has been sold all over the world. It's very popular among all customers at home and abroad.

1. PET flakes produced by filament grade PET bottle washing line are mainly used for producing 2-D or 3-DPSF, polyester filament yarn, straps, sheets, and films, etc.

2. bottle to bottle level PET Bottle recycling line is primarily as a first part of food grade PET bottle recycling project. Its high automation will maximally avoid human caused errors.

3. fiber grade washing equipments match the market demand, the flakes after this processing can be used to manufacture short PSF directly.

Main machine advantages:

1. PET bottle brick can break by bale opening machine automatically.

2. The manual sorting platform can remove impurity which contains different kind and color of waste bottles, label chips, metal materials and rubbish. Ensure that only PET bottles into the next section.

3. special design for PET bottle crusher, have the characteristics as material going smoothly, stable output, low energy consumption, low vibration noise, strong structure, low maintenance cost, long service life. At the same time, PET bottle wet crusher to strengthen the washing effect by water flowing, in addition to reduce PET debris and friction heat by water cooling, prolong the service life of the knife.

4. pet bottle washing floating tank, steam boiler, pet bottle washing dealkalization machine, and high speed friction washing machine part are for pet bottle flake final purification. Mainly rely on three washing force: mechanical strength, chemical and thermal stress, remove the trademark, cap , glue, potions and other impurities.

5. dewatering machine, blowing separating the label and drying system are mainly to dehydrate the bottle and remove label. After dehydration, the water content is less than 2%, and the content of the impurity is about 300ppm.

Pet Bottle Washing Line Process:


Pet Bottle Washing Line Standard Configuration:



Workflow analysis of PET washing line

A complete set of pet washing line includes: bale opener, steam washer, sorting table,label remover machine, belt conveyor, wet crusher, screw feeder, friction machine, floating tank, hot washer, dewatering, label remover machine, etc.

1. Sorting: After packaging and transportation, the imported bottles have been fermented with many bacteria and odors. So before sorting, they must be boiled at 100 for 8-10 minutes in order to kill bacteria and viruses in the packaging. At the same time, under the action of high temperatures, PVC has begun to turn opaque white. It's easy to sort. In the process of sorting, we should pay attention to the distinction between two categories: beverage bottles and plastic-absorbing packaging. These two types are two different kinds of viscous materials, which will affect the use effect when mixed together. Because the surface of plastic-absorbing products has sticker labels, the labels should be dealt with separately in the process of processing. The distinction of colors is to separate the different colors individually and not mix them up. At the same time, the label was peeled off and the cap was screwed off by the label remover machine of JIANGSU YZ MACHINERY COMPANY, and the cap was centralized according to the color classification.

2. Crushing: For the materials that are boiled at high temperature and then sorted, a crushing process can be adopted, because 100% of the PVC has been sorted out. One crushing can save the manual and mechanical costs of the second crushing, and also improve the transparency of the net surface (reduce surface scratches and improve the smoothness). The crusher is better to choose the high-speed friction structure, with the diameter of screen mesh 12-14MM. The purpose of using this screw friction equipment is to reduce the contamination of the slices before cleaning, improve the cleaning effect and prolong the use performance of cleaning drugs.

3. The fragmented sheets are concentrated in the floating tank, and the remaining bottlenecks and labels are floated in an aggregate barrel for recycling, and then the cleaning process is carried out through the screw feeder.

4.Formula 1 for cleaning PET chips (weight ratio); NaOH-80, trisodium phosphate-80, sodium carbonate-80, triethanolamine-30, liquid sodium silicate-100, sodium dodecyl sulfate-2, water-1000: First dissolve sodium hydroxide in water, stir until all dissolved, then add trisodium phosphate, then stir until trisodium phosphate completely dissolved, and then in turn. Add the rest of the drug, dissolve and use. The product appearance of this formula is milky white viscous liquid with relative density of 1.09, PH value of 11-12, and decontamination power of (square centimeter/gram) > 30. Usage: Add 10% detergent of the above formula into water, heat it to 60, and wash it for 15 - 20 minutes in the state of stirring. Formula 2 (weight ratio) for cleaning PET slices: water - 1000, sodium carbonate - 25, sodium tripolyphosphate - 10, sodium dodecyl sulfate - 2, preparation method: dissolve sodium carbonate in water, stir until all dissolved, then add sodium tripolyphosphate, stir until completely dissolved, and then add other drugs in turn, after stirring dissolution, use. Usage: Heat it to 60, and clean it for 15 - 20 minutes under stirring condition. The above two formulations require that the heater be added after proper allocation, and the liquid be added to the heater every time, so the drug can not be directly put into the heater, which will affect the cleaning efficiency. For the cleaning of labeled plastic sheets, the second formula is the main one. The sodium carbonate is replaced by sodium hydroxide, and the dosage is increased to 35. The heating and cleaning time should be extended to 25 minutes and the temperature should be about 70.

5.After the heating and stirring cleaning process is completed, the slices are sent to the high-speed friction washing machine through the extracting barrel to scrub and wash the attachments of the slices. A large amount of clean water is added to the washing process. In order to wash the alkaline substances as clean as possible.

6.The slices produced by the high-speed friction washing machine also have strong alkalinity. It is impossible to clean them in two washing tanks. Therefore, they must be neutralized by an acid neutralizing pot with agitation function. Industrial pickling solution or hydrochloric acid can be used for neutralization. The concentration is based on the PH value of the liquid. Generally, the PH value is 3. During the neutralization process, the PH value will change. Therefore, it is necessary to observe and add acid solution to compensate and regulate it. But it is better to use sodium bisulfate, because it is relatively safe, used here for pickling, bleaching and alkali neutralization. Through this treatment, the slices will become clean and transparent, equal to an alkaline washing and an acid washing, alkaline washing before the removal of oil stains, acid washing after the neutralization of alkaline, but also make the slices more easily washed by clean water. The time of neutralization and pickling is 10-15 minutes. After the neutralization pickling is completed, the slices are sent to the washing tank by screw feeder. The nozzle of the washing tank should be parallel to the screw feeder rather than vertical, and should be as close as possible to the screw feeder so that the fresh water can be directly sprayed onto the slices. After the second washing tank, the dewatering machine is used to dehydrate the slices. The slices have reached the level of blown bottle.

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