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Film Dry Washing technology has become a research direction of waste plastics recycling industry. Film Dry Washing technology does not use water as a medium, generally use air as a cleaning medium......

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Waste Plastic Dry-washing Line Description:

At present, the traditional cleaning technology of waste plastics is mostly used in plastic recycling industry. The cleaning medium is water or water and detergent. According to the variety of waste plastic film pollution, the specific cleaning methods are different. The cleaning of agricultural film and packaging materials includes removal of oil cleaning, high speed friction, cold washing, drying and other processes. The cleaning of containers for toxic drugs includes neutralization, disinfection, solution cleaning, high speed friction, cold washing, drying and so on.

Water cleaning technology is a more mature technology widely used in China at present. The purity of the recycled particles is high, which can be used as the raw material of high quality plastic products. But the high running cost caused by repeated crushing and cleaning is the main shortcoming of the technology. Moreover, the large amount of waste water produced during the cleaning process causes two pollution to the environment and the cost of subsequent treatment is also very high.

Film Dry Washing technology has become a research direction of waste plastics recycling industry. Film Dry Washing technology does not use water as a medium, generally use air as a cleaning medium, so no waste water is produced, two pollution is greatly reduced, and water resources are saved at the same time. In the Film Dry Washing technology, the impurities in waste films can be removed and the purity of the regenerated particles can be improved by combining the cleaning and separation of impurities.

Comparison between traditional washing machine and waste film dry cleaning machine


Composition of waste film dry cleaning line

Film And Woven Bag Dry washing recycling equipment mainly consists of the belt conveyor, film crusher, screw feeder, high speed friction washer, stirring buffer drum, dry washer drum and cyclone of clean materials.

waste film dry washing line 01--- belt conveyor.

The belt conveyor is the first process for dry washing, such as plastic films and woven bags, are fed into the crusher through the belt conveyor.

In this process, the safety protection program is installed in the anhydrous cleaning and recovery equipment. Material conveyor can start and stop automatically according to the working efficiency of follow-up crusher; Belt conveyor can also be equipped with metal detector according to material characteristics to effectively detect metal objects. When metals are detected, the metal detector will automatically alarm, and the belt conveyor will stop working. After the metal is selected, the belt conveyor continues to work. It can effectively protect the normal operation of the following processes of the whole production line.


waste film dry washing line 02-- crusher.

The crusher drives the cutter disc to rotate at high speed by motor. During the process of high speed rotation of the moving cutter, the crusher forms a relative movement trend with the fixed cutter. By using the gap between the movable knife and the fixed knife, the woven bag is broken through the cut of breaking and shearing. After breaking, the woven bag becomes to the size of 5cm*5cm. It is convenient for subsequent processing.


Technical parameters:

Main motor power: 55KW

Fixed blade quantity: 4 pieces.

moving blade quantity: 8 pieces

Screen is made of special steel material.

The blade adopts scissors structure.


waste film dry washing line 03-- stirring feeder.

The third process of of the stirring feeder is to transport the crushed material from the crusher to the mixing ration feeder by belt. The agitation quantitative feeder has infrared induction probe, which has the function of detecting the material level. After mixing and dispersing, the material is fed quantitatively according to the processing capacity, which effectively solves the problem of material congestion.

Technical parameters:

Main motor power: 1.5KW

Diameter of stirring drum: 2150mm

Mixing drum height: 1860mm

Size of discharge port: 535 x 535mm

With mixing paddle

Outline size: 3100*2150*1860mm

waste film dry washing line 04-- dry washer.

the fourth process, the material is fed into dry washing machine. In this process, the material is cleaned by the first friction air separation, and the moisture contained in the material is removed by the hot air treatment. The impurities are sent to the dirty silo through the pipeline.

The cleaning is accomplished by the DRD technology developed by our company, this can ensure a process without damaging the raw material.

Film and woven bag dry washing machine has the function of removing moisture, but it should be ≦15%. When the machine is working, the material should be scrubbed while removing moisture. The plastic rotates in the cylindrical cavity, which continuously conveys hot air to keep the woven bag/film suspended due to the air flow. Strong air flow ensures excellent drying effect. The moisture content of material can be controlled within 2%. Keeping the low water content of the material can stabilize the whole processing quality. At the same time, pollutants are separated into dust removal equipment through screens. Cleanliness can be adjusted by PLC automatic control program.


waste film dry washing line 05--- blower system

After the woven bag/film is processed by dry washing machine, the material is transferred by a feeding fan. The ventilation system consists of a fan, a conveying pipeline, a reversing valve, a cyclone silo and a screw feeder. Through the wind pressure generated by the fan, the material enters the spiral feeder after the transition in the cyclone silo. The spiral feeder has the function of mixing and feeding to prevent the material blocked in the whole process.

Technical parameters:

Blower motor power: 7.5KW

Cyclone Silo volume: 1.5m3

Stirring motor power: 2.2KW

Pusher motor power: 2.2KW


waste film dry washing line 06-- pulse central dust collector.

The film and woven bag dry washing machine let dust gas from the bottom of the dust collector box and suck it into the dust collector.

Because of the sudden increase of airflow cross-section area and the decrease of dust velocity, some of the denser particles in the dusty gas are settled by gravity and directly fall into the dust hopper of the dust collector. The fine and dense particles enter the filter chamber distributed in the filter bag through inertia, collision, screening, interception and electrostatic adsorption on the surface of the filter bag. And so on, depending on the surface of the filter bag and forming a dust layer. The resistance value of the precipitator increases with the increase of the dust layer thickness on the surface of the filter bag. By setting the back-blowing time of the pulse valve and opening the pulse valve one by one, the compressed air is injected through the nozzle to clean the filter bag, so that the filter bag suddenly expands. Under the action of the reverse airflow, the dust attached to the surface of the filter bag quickly separates from the filter bag and falls into the ash silo, and the dust is discharged by the rotary valve. The clean gas filtered and purified is discharged by the exhaust pipe through the upper air chamber.

Technical parameters:

Dust removal fan motor power: 11KW

Dust removal room quantity: 3-4pcs

Dusting cloth bag quantity: 150pcs

Length of cloth bag: 2000mm

Rotary valve motor power: 1.5KW

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