Waste Bag Dry Cleaning Line

In the Film and bag Dry Washing technology, the impurities in waste films and bags can be removed and the purity of the regenerated particles can be improved by combining the cleaning and separation of impurities.

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Waste Bag Dry Cleaning Line Description:

At present, the traditional cleaning technology of waste plastics is mostly used in plastic recycling industry. The cleaning medium is water or water and detergent. According to the variety of waste plastic film pollution, the specific cleaning methods are different. The cleaning of agricultural film and packaging materials includes removal of oil cleaning, high speed friction, cold washing, drying and other processes. The cleaning of containers for toxic drugs includes neutralization, disinfection, solution cleaning, high speed friction, cold washing, drying and so on.

Water cleaning technology is a more mature technology widely used in China at present. The purity of the recycled particles is high, which can be used as the raw material of high quality plastic products. But the high running cost caused by repeated crushing and cleaning is the main shortcoming of the technology. Moreover, the large amount of waste water produced during the cleaning process causes two pollution to the environment and the cost of subsequent treatment is also very high.

Film Dry Washing technology has become a research direction of waste plastics recycling industry. Film Dry Washing technology does not use water as a medium, generally use air as a cleaning medium, so no waste water is produced, two pollution is greatly reduced, and water resources are saved at the same time. In the Film Dry Washing technology, the impurities in waste films can be removed and the purity of the regenerated particles can be improved by combining the cleaning and separation of impurities.

Comparison between traditional washing machine and waste woven bag dry cleaning line


Composition of Waste Bag Dry Cleaning Line

Film And Woven Bag Dry washing recycling equipment mainly consists of the belt conveyor, crusher, screw feeder, high speed friction dry washer, and cyclone of clean materials.


Main part of Waste Bag Dry Cleaning Line technical parameters:

1. Main motor power: 18.5-22 kw

2. Sewage motor power: 1.1-2.2 kw

3. Dust removal fan power: 5.5-7.5 kw

4. Main shaft rotation diameter: 560mm

5. Shaped hole form of main screen: round: 2-10mm; rectangular: 30X20mm, 30x5mm; square: 20X20mm

6. All parts made of Carbon Steel

7. Driving method: Belt Wheel Drive

8. Overall size: 2500X1800X2800mm

9. Screen Mesh installation type: Removable

10. Drainage screw diameter: Φ250mm


Introduction principle of Waste Bag Dry Cleaning Line

The plastic film dry cleaning equipment is completely suitable for dry cleaning of various waste plastics such as plastic film, plastic sheet and plastic products without water. The processing capacity of the equipment is 1.5-4 cubic meters per hour. The principle is to crush the larger material to about 6cm through the crusher. The crushed material enters the drum conflict dry cleaning machine. The front part of the outer skin of the drum is about 2mm, and the rear end is about 3mm. After the rotation of the drum, the plastic and the stone or metal block and material in the drum are mutually The collision conflicts, so that the sludge and the water with larger moisture are discharged from the outlet and the finer sediment, and the larger gravel is discharged from the sieve hole.

After the roller collision dry cleaning machine, most of the plastic mud and moisture of the plastic surface are separated, and at the same time, the upper end has a dust collecting and collecting device to collect and dehumidify the material. The dry-cleaned material enters the magnetic separation re-election machine, separating the metal and the stone from the plastic, so that the metal block and the stone are returned to the roller collision machine for recycling.

Thoroughly re-select the separated materials and then enter the dry cleaning machine without water magnetic separation. The fine sand and fine dust left on the materials will be separated from the plastic surface by dry cleaning. The sand will be discharged from the lower end, and the fine dust will be collected from the upper end. The dust is sucking away. The dry-cleaned material is discharged from the plastic outlet of the machine and the plastic dry cleaning is completed. Implementation of automated production, fully enclosed three-dimensional planning, implementation of automatic control, the process of water filtration treatment after recycling and reuse, dust and gas treatment, no air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution, in line with national environmental requirements, need 1-2 people can operate.


Q: When can I get my machine after I paid?

A: Normally production time is around 45-75days,the exactly depend on what kind of machine you order.The shipping time is based on your destination port.

Q: How to install my machines when it arrives? how much the cost?

A: We will send our engineers to your factory to install the machines and train your staff how to operate the machines. 

Customer pay for visa, round air tickets, accommodation and USD100/day/person.

Q: How long time for installation?

A: According your machines order,we will send one or two engineers to your plant,it will take about 15 days to 30 days.

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