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Wood-plastic profile is a new type of building decoration material. It is made of PVC, PP, PE, PS, ABS plastic and various plant fibers, which are fully mixed and extruded by vacuum sizing.

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WPC Board Production Line

Product description:

Wood-plastic profile is a new type of building decoration material. It is made of PVC, PP, PE, PS, ABS plastic and various plant fibers, which are fully mixed and extruded by vacuum sizing. It is suitable for wood construction methods such as drilling, planing, nailing, sawing, bonding and printing. It is green, water-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosive, mildew-proof, non-deform-able, flame-retardant, can be recycled and reused.

Product applications:

1. Mainly used in processing Eco-wood, Great Wall panels and other kinds of wood-plastic profiles and wires.

2. Floor, guardrail, pallet, packing box, partition board, door and window cover, kicking line and other fields.

PE wood plastic composite extrusion flow:

Raw material+wood powder+additive---mixing---granulating---conical twin screw extruder---profile extrusion mould---cool molding die---vacuum calibration support---cutter---rack---finished product inspecting&packing

WPC Board Production Line Main Technical Parameters:

Extruder model





Main motor power(kw)





Auxiliary equipment







Production width(mm)

Max 200

Max 240

Max 300

Max 600

Max 900

Max 1200

Vacuum pump(kw)









Water pump(kw)







Hauling speed














Wood Plastic Composites: The Difference between PE WPC and PVC WPC

The concept and products of self-made wood-plastic have been brought into the domestic market, which is really refreshing, and is favored by some enterprises and consumers. Accordingly, some wood-plastic products appear in the building materials market.

The main wood-plastic materials in China are divided into PE wood-plastic and PVC wood-plastic.

PE wood-plastic products mainly focus on outdoor garden construction, such as guardrails, floors, trash cans, flower ponds, trays and so on.  PVC wood-plastic products are mainly interior decorative materials, such as doors, floors, kick lines, door covers and so on.

The main materials for PE wood-plastic production are secondary and tertiary PE recycled materials with wood flour, calcium powder and a small amount of modifier. The main materials for making PVC wood plastic are PVC resin powder, recycled PVC material, wood powder, stone powder and some modifiers, etc.

PE wood-plastic (PVC Ceiling Panel) products are mainly prepared by cold pushing method, so the processes are similar. The cost control of finished materials depends on the content of filler, so the quotation is almost the same. The preparation of PVC wood-plastic products can be divided into vacuum forming, cold pushing and three-roll pressing. Most of the vacuum forming products are low-foaming products. The cost control of low-foaming wood-plastic products varies greatly from one country to another, and the product quality (referring to rigidity, toughness and tensile strength) varies greatly. But most of the raw material costs are between RMB5000-6000 per ton, such as RMB4000 with good modification technology. The cost of raw materials can also be done. The three-roll method is similar to the low-foaming method of PVC. However, at present, the low-foaming products of PVC are seldom made of wood-plastic in the market, that is to say, the low-foaming products of PVC are made into beige. There may be some technical obstacles for these manufacturers, whether it is simply to follow the wind to speculate on the concept of wood-plastic, just like to speculate on nano-concept.

The development and manufacture of wood-plastic products is my personal idea. First of all, PE wood-plastic products have their advantages and disadvantages.

(1) PE wood-plastic materials are excellent in waterproofing and anti-corrosion.

(2) PE has poor anti-oxidation and anti-photolysis ability, even adding antioxidant and UV absorbent is not ideal, which can result in poor strength and color fastness of the product and limited outdoor service life of the product.

(3) It is easy to deform and bend when heated, but it is better to use thicker or multi-hole hollow structure.

(4) The product has a single surface color, no wood texture and poor aesthetic effect. In view of these characteristics of PE wood-plastic materials, I think it is more suitable for development and utilization in some non-long-term exposure occasions such as pallets, building templates, container mats and other places that do not require visual aesthetic experience.

Secondly, the low cost, excellent processing and surface decoration of PVC wood-plastic products teach PE wood-plastic superiority in many other aspects, mainly in the following aspects:

(1) Washroom PVC Panel can be made of new or old materials (PE with new materials is too expensive to enter the market), modification is easier, and the quantity of filling depends on the product quality;

(2) PVC can be made into wood-plastic products with low foaming, so the cost is lower, and the strength and wood grain feel are good by co-extrusion (co-extrusion of double materials and multi-materials or co-extrusion of steel and plastic).

(3) PVC can process various surface decorations or paints, including UV paint, with beautiful products and good color fastness.

(4) The waterproof and anticorrosive properties of PVC wood products are also superior.

Special wood-plastic products made of PVC Ceiling Tiles can be developed in the direction of interior decoration materials (such as floors, kick lines, decorative strips, doors and door jackets), furniture decoration panels (such as furniture panels), house decoration materials (such as external wall hanging panels, sound insulation panels, wall panels), garden decoration materials (such as guardrails) instead of wood. Of course, the content of heavy metals, volatility, migration and other harmful substances in plastics products has not yet been limited in China (I hope relevant departments can issue environmental protection product standards as soon as possible), unlike export products, which have strict content restrictions, but as colleagues in this industry, using environmental protection additives as far as possible is a contribution to society.

There is also a better category of wood-plastic materials - ABS wood-plastic, ABS wood-plastic products are easy to process, good strength, can also do wood grain effect, beautiful and durable.

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